Do I need a fishing license?

Yes you do. All participants between the ages of 18-64 need to have a valid fishing license ("Kalastonhoitomaksu" in Finnish) paid for 2016. You can purchase it yourself, or ask Pro Kalastus to do it for you. Please remember to inform us when making the order if you want us to take care of the fees. Pro Kalastus has cashed integrated fishing licenses for commercial fishing trips in the following districts: Varsinais-Suomi, Satakunta, Häme, Pirkanmaa, Kanta-Häme and Päijät-Häme.

Fishing license: Annual fee 39 € or weekly fee 12 € or daily fee 5 €.

All persons (ages 18-64) participating the trip must have a valid fishing license paid for 2016, and be able to prove it in case asked by a fishing administrator (e.g. a bank receipt will do).

You can purchase the license yourself using the first link below, or ask Pro Kalastus to do it for you (using the second link).

Purchase license

Inform details

What are the costs of a fishing safari?

All fishing safaries are priced individually based on customer's wishes. Main factors that affect the costs are target location and contents of the day. You'll be provided with a accurate program and price offer after you've filled the offer form on our website.

Price list


We put a great deal of weight on safety on our fishing trips. The use of flotation accessories is considered very important. Our equipment includes inflatable lifejackets, that are designed to maintain wearer's mobility but also keep them on the surface if an accident should happen.
We have made a safety strategy for our key fishing areas.

Safety plan (Finnish only)

Do we have to release the fish?

No we don't, but Pro Kalastus supports and promotes sustainable fishing. The wellbeing of our water systems and fish is a matter of great importance to us. But fish is also tasty and healthy food. On our trips we release the really big fish without exceptions. We photograph, video record and weight them, so everyone can get their trophies and memories in those forms and the precious genetics of an old fish can continue to spread.
We can always keep some fish, as long as the amount remains moderate. In the end of the trip we can enjoy a tasty fish dinner. The catch that goes home with you is always filleted or processed in any way desired.

 Kuhan vapautus