Jigging locations

We arrange jigging safaries and courses on the lakes introduced below. We also provide our guide services on any lake and are not afraid to meet the challenge of for example your home lake.

Lake Kyrösjärvi

Our home ground, where we carry out roughly half of our fishing trips. Lake Kyrösjärvi is versatile and an ideal lake for jigging. It has exceptionally strong stocks of zander and perch. The average size of zander is 40-45cm, but also several really big zanders are caught every year. Minimum allowed length of zander is nowadays 42cm. A part of Kyrösjärvi''s diversity is also pretty good pike stock. Real muskies caught with fairly light equipment bring a fresh angle into pike fishing. Kyrösjärvi is 48th biggest lake in Finland and spreads over three different municipalities. Dark brownish water is 10,6 meters in its average depth, with maximum depth of 48 meters. We can arrange accommondation and conference room right by the lake.

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Lake Längelmävesi

Very interesting and versatile group of lakes, with good stocks of zander, perch and pike. Here the chances for a new record fish are good. Minimum allowed length for zander is 45cm. The best way to fish from spring to late autumn is inarguably jigging. There are lots of islands in Längelmävesi that suit well for taking brakes. The water is fairly bright with a little cloudyness and the secchivisibility isn''t really much. The most popular style of fishing is jigging zander, perch and pike.

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Lakes Kulo-Rautavesi

A maze-like pair of lakes, that consist of small open water areas and streams. Great stocks of zander, perch and pike, and a chance to get to a fight with probably the toughest fish in Finland, asp. Kulo-Rautavesi also has a good stock of European smelt, which affects the behaviour of perch and causes it to school up in large numbers and offers the fishermen an opportunity to jig from the surface with light equipment. The most popular styles of fishing are jigging zander and perch in various ways and casting asp.

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Lake Näsijärvi

Versatile and rich in fish lake Näsijärvi makes a great setting for jigging. Good stocks of zander, perch and pike. Näsijärvi is 16th biggest lake in Finland and has three main areas: Vankavesi, Koljonselkä and Näsiselkä. Both Näsiselkä and Koljonselkä have vast areas with depth over 40 meters. Vankavesi is more shallow. The water is brownish but clear, with transparency of several meters. We operate in every area of Lake Näsijärvi.

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Lake Vanajavesi

A very diverse lake with great stocks of pike, zander and perch. Lake Vanajavesi is the center lake of Kokemäenjoki water system in Kanta-Häme and Pirkanmaa. The main area is 20 kilometers long and 15 kilometers wide Vanajanselkä in Hattula, Hämeenlinna and Valkeakoski.

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Lake Pyhäjärvi of Tampere

Pyhäjärvi is a versatile jigging lake, that holds masses of zander, perch and pike. The chances to catch a really big zander are great, when the conditions are right. Pyhäjärvi is located just south of Tampere, and belongs to the Kokemäenjoki water system.

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 Tampereen Pyhäjärvi

Lakes Kirkkojärvi-Mahnalanselkä

A great location for jigging, that can be fished even in windy conditions. Target fishes are zander, perch and pike. Consists of four small lakes: Kirkkojärvi, Kallioistenselkä, Mahnalanselkä and Jokisjärvi.

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Lake Pyhäjärvi of Säkylä

One of the best perch and pike lakes in Finland, that has great populations of big pikes and perch, but no zander. The length of Pyhäjärvi is 25 kilometers and it''s 9 kilometers at its widest. The average depth is only 5,5 meters. The lake was formed in the end of ice age, when the ice mass retracted and eroded the sand stone evenly. Pyhäjärvi has only one deep basin of 26 meters.

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 Säkylän Pyhäjärvi