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Welcome for a tour to the ever expanding selection of products represented and manufactured by Pro Kalastus.

We have opened an online store just for you, of which we are confident will boost your business. Only the RETAILERS of our products can register to the online store. You can see the real time supply stocks via the online store and get the products quickly and effortlessly. You can register/sign up by using the buttons below. You will receive your username and password to your e-mail address after your information has been checked, which usually takes a couple of hours.

After registration you have access to all the original product pictures, which is yours to use freely in advertisement. In addition, you'll also be able to print product labels for your product stands.

If you wish to be contacted by our sales, please send a message or simply call us.

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From here you can print all product infos and bar codes to i.e. jig stands which makes sales and next orders more easier. Just simply choose the desired category and print product infos on good quality printing paper and cut the notes/tags for the stands.