K.P Mustad Fish Head Vertical

K.P Mustad Fish head Vertic 15g 2/0 3pcs

This head has a modern shape and it is designed especially for vertical jigging. The profile of the head makes it cut through the water and enhance the fishing sensation. It has two additional loops for additional stinger-hooks.

This head comes with chemically sharpened, sturdy Mustad-hook, with Black Nickel coating. Our tests show, that matt grey color on jigheads improves the catch. We use automatic casting machines to get the cast material to all parts of the mold and keep our quality standards high. All heads have their weight in grams hardstamped on them.

o Maw of the hook: Round
o Color: Black Nickel
o Hook model: Mustad 32627 NP-BN
o Hardstamped weight

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