K.P Gamakatsu Football

K.P Gamakatsu Football 3g 1 5pcs

A football shaped jighead can be used to control the action of a strong-action softbait, because its weight is distributed on a wider area. Football also offers the rarer mid-weights of 8, 11 and 13 grams.

K.P Jigheads are equipped with chemically sharpened Gamakatsu hooks. This hook model is a perfect combination of right shape and thickness and its superior sharpness will set the hook like no other. Our tests show, that matt grey color on jigheads improves the amount of catch. We use automatic casting machines to get the cast material to all parts of the mold and keep our quality standards high. 

A basic formula how to choose the right head: 2-2,5 grams / each meter of depth.

o Maw of the hook: Round
o Color: Nickel
o Hook model: Gamakatsu Jig 22

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