Merisepe 70mm/30g color:silver

Merisepe 70mm 30g is accepted widely especially by the sea perch, and has very strong movements. Low on the back side. Excellent winter time lure.

Merisepe 70mm 40g is extremely fast lure, which stays at the bottom even at high flow. Guaranteed predator for autumn's deep zander pits.

Merisepe 85mm 45g has a very strong floating movement to the sides, and is especially suitable for deep waters. Low on the back side. Suitable as well for summer time as for winter time fishing.

Merisepe 85mm 60g is extremely fast lure, which is most suitable for zander and perch fishing from a slowly moving boat. At its best at sea and in deep, flowing straits. Stays at the bottom even at high flow.

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